Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Testing times

Yesterday was our water test day. The centre uses a private spring water supply so we have to have this tested periodically to make sure it is fit for use. We have used the same supply for nearly 45 years, it is unreliable in terms of quantity available and its ability to freeze up occasionally for 7 months of the year but it is the only option we have available to us.

Myself and Jacqueline our 'nearly Trustee' were tasked with dealing with the water. We met the 'chap from the ministry' as Jacqueline insisted on calling him and loaded up the Land Rover with boxes of empty sterile bottles, clipboards and oddly a blowtorch. Our water inspector turned out to be a decent approachable chap and we had a jolly morning learning a lot about water.
Centre Manager Will (Me) in orange discussing the finer points of traditional spring water catchment pits with the man from ministry. Our catchment is a rare example of the traditional means of catching spring water. A three sided chamber is built into the hillside with the four side created by the exposed strata of the rock from which the spring rises. the pit is lined internally with clay. The pit is covered with a concrete 'roof' with an manhole cover for inspection.

Fallen trees, looking down the gully from the catchment area.

Heading back along the steep wooded hillside to the centre for a well earned mug of coffee made with our own free spring water. We still recommend that water is well boiled before drinking as although the water is filtered it is not fully treated as we don't have power to run a UV system reliably.
Thanks to Jacqueline Le Sueur for the Photos and the coffee making :-)

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