Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Improvements at The Exmoor Centre

This year we are trying to add more play features around the site, we have installed a cargo net between some of the trees that not only provides hours of exhausting fun for kids but acts as a great daydreaming hammock by the river for those who visit without kids in tow.

We have several other features in the planning stage and will update you as and when we find the time to install them.

Also new for this year is the instant hot water system. After several years of trying to provide a 'green' water heating system we have had to admit defeat for the time being. Wood fired water heating proved to be too uncontrollable without the benefit of a pumped system to discharge excess heat to radiators. This meant boiling water was feeding back to the cold water plastic tanks above the bunks, there have been cases at other centres where this has led to tank failure drencing the hapless victims below in scolding water! This was not a situation conducive to a good nights sleep so we have been on a mission to find an alternative. Initially we fitted an immersion heater running from our diesel generator, however this took time to heat the water and meant visitors had to live with the din of the generator running. Finally we have found a more elegant solution and Exmoor Heating have installed and commissioned a Bosch Instantaneous gas fired system. This is both economical and blissfully simple to use, just ensure the gas is on then the system just self fires when the hot taps are turned on and provides hot water within seconds.

Last winter saw the installation of a larger woodburner and underfloor insulation. For those who remember the old wood stove and draughts this has been a revelation. The whole building is easily heated due to the woodburners huge 10.5kW output. The new woodburner also includes an oven making cooking at the centre easier than ever.

In the next few weeks we are hoping to get the outside campfire area improved.

...more to follow...

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