Friday, 4 May 2012

Many moons ago

Trawling through my files looking for something else I came across this photograph of my old Range Rover out at The Exmoor Centre in the late 90s.

Back then the centre was managed as it had been for many years by Ilfracombe Comprehensive School, Ilfracombe Arts College as it is now. My brother Jonny Bowden helped run the centre along with Keith Rickwood from Devon Youth Service. Both are still involved with the centre today. Jonny now does the bookings for the centre and Keith is a Trustee and user with the Youth Service.

Its amazing the loyalty the centre instils in those who use it. Our treasurer Steve Keable was one of the schoolboys who built the centre in the 60s and our Chairman John Gale has been with the project since day one, even now in his 80s he has a day to day handle on the running of the centre.

If you've never visited us its time you started your life-long involvement... email

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