Friday, 6 April 2012

Team Tiny

Tiny the Pointer/Boxer/Ridgeback likes her comfort.
I've just got back from dropping Tiny and her team of humans out to The Exmoor Centre for an Easter Expedition to the wilds of Exmoor. Tiny insisted on her own seat in the Land Rover even though her bed was already taking up half the loadspace in the back.

Tiny and her four legged sidekick Budleigh (sp?) have instructed their humans to get the fire lit and were last seen tearing around the centre grounds drying off after a dip in the river. Both dogs completely over-excited and arguing over the bewildering choice of sticks available.

The humans are getting on with the sensible task of chilling beer in the river, basking in the spring sunshine and bagsying the best bunks before the rest of the group arrive during the day.

 Smallest human is busy sheep spotting, 'sheep!' (points)....'sheep!' (points), I hope she progresses to cow, deer, buzzard and heron before long or she'll drive them all bonkers by the end of the weekend :-)

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