Friday, 2 March 2012

On yer bike!

Exmoor is one of the best places in the UK to ride a bike and The Exmoor Centre is an excellent basecamp if your bike of choice is a mountain bike.

The centre is on a rocky bridleway that decends from east and west to the bunkhouse so no matter which way you arrive from you arrive laughing and full of adrenaline.

The moor has miles of bridleway to explore and the landscape changes byt the hour with weather conditions and the every changing seasons so you'll never exhaust your options for rides. Exmoor is peppered with excellent pubs with roaring fires so drying out over a long lunch mid ride is easy to plan, we can help you if you don't know Exmoor, just ask. The management team are all keen cyclists with many years experience of both cycling and the pubs of Exmoor!

The Centre can sleep 16 inside and theres space for tents in the grounds so book yourself and all your friends in for some filthy bike fun. email us at
Open moorland riding on the ridge above The Exmoor Centre

Fast coastal descent dropping 1000' in 2 miles!

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