Sunday, 19 February 2012


A few photographs from this weekends Working Weekend. We had a great bunch of people along this time and got a fair bit done. We will be doing it again in the near future so keep an eye on this blog or follow me on Twitter @willbowden for updates.

Sausages cooking for lunch

Henry and Jaqui repairing benches

Supervising I think this is called...or skiving, not sure which.

Trying to get warm again, Saturday was very wet and cold out there but Sunday was excellent weather

Chairman of Trustees John Gale putting in a hard days work, even at 86!
Tig and Strop the Patterdale Terriers helping with the digging.
Weeding the BBQ area
hearty lunches are an important feature of Exmoor Centre Working Weekends!
Lee and Thomas working on the generator shelter.
BBQ area finishes and much smarter, we just need a few dry days to get the tables re-stained now.

 John Gale working hard again assited by daughter Liz with supervision by Tizzy.

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