Thursday, 2 February 2012

A morning stroll

First of this years snowdrops

I took a stroll out to The Exmoor Centre this morning to collect a few tools I'd left behind last week. I took a few photographs to show you all what its like out there today. It was perfect Exmoor weather to be out there, bitterly cold with the ground frozen solid. There is still a fair bit of snow above about 250m, certainly enough to be sledging of the north facing slopes. With this cold weather set in for a while and the centre available for the next few weekends now is a great time to come here and explore the wilds of the moor, before heading back to the centre to fire up the wood burner and watch the spectacularly clear night skies we are enjoying at the moment.

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Heading out over the ridge towards the Exmoor Centre

The Bunkhouse this morning, frosty and some snow left. The solar panel is thankfully clear so we are generating free electrickery!

Bit chilly for a dip in the river this morning.

Snow on the picnic tables

Arty frozen puddle shot

Plenty of snow left for sledging

Frozen puddles and the view to the east from the ridge

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