Thursday, 26 January 2012

A few pictures of the neighbours

 I've decided to build up a file of wildlife photos taken at or nearby the Exmoor Centre. Here are the first batch that I have come across whilst trawling the files. These are all very frequent visitors to the site.
A Meadow Brown Butterfly.
A Pheasant, a very vocal bird if disturbed.

Red deer, always alert and difficult to get near to.

Heron. These very large birds fish daily in the river at the centre.

Starlings. These are often seen in huge numbers in the fields and in the mature Hawthorn Trees to the south of the centre
Blackbirds are always around and very vocal.
Buzzards are nearly always in the skies over the bunkhouse.
A female Chaffinch, thought of as garden birds they also frequent the woodland at the egde of the moor
A male Chaffinch
The Great Tit, another 'garden' bird that enjoys the wild life on the edge of the moor.
Exmoor Pony. Supremely adapted to Exmoors climate. Inquisitive, headstrong and above all tough little ponies.

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